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Our Goal

First responders have unique careers that expose them to situations most people will not experience. As a result, they have higher rates of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and family issues. We understand the culture and language of first responders and provide counseling that is geared to the first responder lifestyle. 

Our Philosophy  

We feel that traditional talk therapy plays an important role for growth and understanding. However, we know this approach does not work for everyone, especially first responders. That’s why we take the approach of having a conversation every session where you get to talk about your life and we get to teach you skills to manage the emotions that might feel overwhelming. No matter if it’s depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or family problems, we will help get your life back to a calm state of being in as short a time as possible.  

Why First Responders Need Mental Health Care

30% of  first responders are at risk of devloping some type of mental health issue including depression, anxiety, and subtsance abuse issues.   

In 2017, there were an estimated 250 police officer and firefighter suicides. Interventions to reduce this tragedy have been limited and are hard to implement in a culture that tends to suffer in silence. 

First responders spend hundreds of hours in classrooms and training grounds preparing for their careers. When they hit the streets they are ready to face the emergencies they are called to. However, they get little to no training on how to process the events that go beyond the normal call of duty.

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